How to use the borad

  1. You can upload the binary file like pictures.
    • Usable file type : GIF, JPEG, PNG, TEXT, PDF, MIDI
    • Maximu file size : 900KB
  2. When you post a topic, Name, Comment are mandatory field. email, Subject, URL link, PIN are optional.
  3. If you type PIN number when you post the topic, you can delete your post by your self with that PIN. Otherwise you have to ask administrator to delete or modify. The PIN should be max 8 characters.
  4. The posts are kept up to 50. When new post is posted, old one is deleted automatically.
  5. You can reply for exisiting post.. Click "Reply" button on each posting, then reply form is displayed.
  6. You can serch previous log by the key word. Serch mode will appear when you click the link of "Word serch" on top menu.